Our hot stamping foil offers the possibility of completely new decoration.
Our hot stamping foil can provide a wide range of benefits from beautiful surface finish.
Using hot stamping foils when decorating profiles saves time and money because they can be processed on plastic or pretreated wood in an operation quickly and precisely, without drying or further treatment.
  • Substrate : PE, PET, ABS, PVC, ACRYLICS, PS, WOOD
  • Application to : Picture Frames, Interior Mouldings,Window Blind and Window Frames

I&T Hot Stamping Foil

  • Metallic and Brushed Effect: Our engineered product makes it possible to acquire the result that express the unique metallic appearances in detail with its various colors.
  • Embossing Effect: Printed embossed products express various forms and texture creating an embossment through chemical reactions on the surface of the transfer films.
  • Woodgrain: Our customers can easily decorate the profiles in desired area with a variety of real wood texture expressions and designs.